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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ronaldo introduced to 70,000 strong Bernabeu crowd in a bizarre occasion

I'm sure many of you saw Cristiano Ronaldo being paraded in front of the Real Madrid faithful this evening.

The former Manchester United winger was introduced to the 70,000 strong Santiago Bernabeu crowd for the first time in what was, one of the most bizarre occasions I have ever witnessed.

First of all, Real president, Florentino Perez said a few words about the history of the club and how they were so happy to be welcoming one of the greatest players in the world to Madrid. Then, the man of the moment, Ronaldo jogged out the tunnel in his new ‘Ronaldo 9′ kit smiling like a kid on Christmas morning.

As he strolled onto the stage, Ronaldo shook the hand of Perez, Portuguese legend Eusebio (why, I don’t really know) and Alfredo di Stefano, a true Real Madrid legend. After that, Ronaldo took to the mic.

First, Ronaldo talked about how delighted he was to be joining the club he always dreamed of playing for. He waffeled on for a few minutes before finishing his speech by getting the whole crowd to join him in a pathetic chant. It went a little something like this : una, dos, tres, a la Madrid!

Before leaving the stage Ronaldo was given a ball to do some keepie-uppies with to keep the hundreds of photographers in attendance happy. Unfortunately, Ronaldo could only manage two or three solos at a time, making it difficult for the cameramen to get a decent picture.

Finally, two kids were thrown on the stage. The first kid, who looked about 4, was delighted to get a Real Madrid football signed by Ronaldo, however the second kid, who looked about 12, was less than impressed with the whole occasion. Judging by his face, you’d swear a family pet or something like that had just died. After receiving his ‘Ronaldo 9′ kit off the world’s most expensive player, the kid reluctantly posed for pictures with a face like a bastard rat on him.

What did you think of the occasion? Comments below please.

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